Underserved communities across India are restricted by a lack of access to formal markets. Enabling this facet of entrepreneurship is vital to our goals. Done right, it creates sustainable development and encourages sustained socio-economic growth.

For many, opportunities like these are a first, and timely access has only proven to embolden the entrepreneurial spirit. Through our efforts, communities have witnessed:

  • Preservation and promotion of traditional and culturally invaluable art forms
  • The establishment of holistic ecosystems supporting entrepreneurial growth
  • Streamlined access to dignified livelihoods for marginalised communities
  • Creation of large-scale employment opportunities in partnership with varied stakeholders
  • Support for micro and nano entrepreneurs as well as youth

The Flipkart Foundation also works to empower communities to access wider markets to generate more employment and enable holistic progress. Such interventions especially target the Indian handicrafts sector. Despite being the largest source of informal employment in rural areas, this sector needed an infusion of fresh energy and focus in order to be revitalised.

Now, talented artisans, many of whom are women and from marginalised sections of society, have the tools to succeed in preserving heritage handicrafts and reimagining them for modern consumers. With the necessary skills and entrepreneurship training, as well as guidance on how to access the larger, formal markets, these artisans live better lives and can provide for their families, too.