Atul Satija, CEO GiveIndia

“Our partnership with Flipkart and Myntra helped us provide much-needed medical and humanitarian relief as part of GiveIndia’s India Covid Response Fund-2. Thanks to the close cooperation, we could procure essential medical equipment, provide ambulance services, and enhance oxygen infrastructure across the country. When the need on the ground shifted, they helped us serve meals to the underprivileged. GiveIndia is also thankful for Flipkart and Myntra’s check-out giving feature, helping us make marginalized women in Delhi self-reliant through our kitchen garden initiative.

Our partnership with Flipkart Foundation has helped provide menstrual hygiene awareness as well as distribution of eco-friendly sanitary pads to women. We have also seen commitment for environmental causes such as tree plantation through the Flipkart Celebration Tree.”

Avinash Sapru, Director of Fundraising

“Thanks to Flipkart for coming forward to support us in this initiative. With their support we have provided oxygen cylinders and oxygen generating plants to 2 hospitals in the state of Tamil Nadu. Installation of the equipment is in the completion stages. This is done in close collaboration with the Local district administration and the Deputy Director of Public Health.

This support would go a very long way in equipping the government hospitals to combat the pandemic efficiently. We deeply appreciate Flipkart for their phenomenal support to us.”

Bharati Chaturvedi, Chintan Environmental Research and Action Group

“Chintan works with the most marginalised communities, to fight both these crises. Our partner in one of our most innovative projects around Urban Farming is Flipkart Foundation. The project trains 5000 abjectly poor women in slums to fight malnutrition, exacerbated by climate related food crises, by growing their own food. Many of these women were unable to earn even their meagre earnings as waste pickers during the pandemic. Consequently, they were unable to eat adequately. Droughts, floods and the rising cost of food in the era of climate crisis puts food even further out of their reach. The project ensures they are able to grow an array of local vegetables at home and master new skills. By supporting the idea of empowering women instead of feeding them, Flipkart Foundation is in fact, also empowering Chintan to make long-lasting, sustainable change and bringing in gender equity.”

Arun Gupta, Founder and President, Pinkishe

“Menstruation is not a cause that many corporates easily pick up due to its taboo. I genuinely appreciate that Flipkart Management decided to be torchbearers and set an example for the industry to recognize and stand behind the cause of ensuring safe and dignified periods for every girl and woman. I was very impressed during my initial interactions with the Flipkart team because of their genuine concern and diving deep for making sure they fully understand the nuances of the cause. The team went to lengths to ensure that the investments were used judiciously and methodically to prevent wastage while achieving targeted benefits to the beneficiaries. That level of commitment is very heartening to see.

The focus and zeal by the Flipkart team to create real on-ground impact measurably and then analyse to improve delivery to bring maximum sustainable positive change are indeed laudable and very reassuring.”

Dr. Rajat Jain, President, Doctors For You

“Since early last year, COVID-19 has been continuously affecting lives across the globe, and the situation was not much different in India as well. It was during the first wave that Flipkart started supporting Doctors for You and the association grew even stronger during the second wave and time after the second wave. Support from Flipkart has been instrumental in enabling DFY to provide critical healthcare support to some of the most far-reaching and marginalized communities in the country. From the support to Covid Care Centres, Support to Frontline warriors, support to vaccination campaign, providing oxygen supplies and development of Infrastructure and equipping of hospitals with essential medical equipment support from Flipkart has been significant and played a key part in DFY’s Covid-19 response. Our partnership is a testament to the difference NGO-Corporate collaborations and partnerships can make.”

Anil Hebbar, Chief Functionary, Helping Hands Charitable Trust

“In March 2020, Flipkart played a stellar role in identifying and contributing through GiveIndia, to organizations working actively in the field. HHCT decided to deploy the 3 Ply and N95 masks procured from Flipkart's donation in areas which were neglected and little help was received. We thus concentrated on the remote north eastern areas of the country and distributed the masks in Dhemaji, Shivsagar and Karbi Anglong districts of Assam, in tribal hamlets in Tripura and Mizoram, in the Adivasi wadis in Raigad District of Maharashtra, in the slums of Mumbai and in the Alleppey district of Kerala. More than 80,000 people benefited from this mask distribution drive. We thank Flipkart for choosing us and giving us the freedom to choose our area of operation and are happy that we have got an opportunity to partner with them in the third wave too and are currently distributing masks to school children who are just about to commence school and are vulnerable as they have not been vaccinated.”