The call for skilled individuals across the strata of society has never been louder. This is why the Flipkart Foundation has set out to enable the mobilising and transformation of marginalised sections of society into skilled individuals. Interventions at these stages empower:

  • Underserved communities
  • Rural population
  • Disabled citizens
  • Marginalised groups like the transgenders
Without proper training, these vital members of society are deprived of the benefits of digitisation and financial freedom. The Flipkart Foundation is committed to supporting inclusive skill development and vocational training to enable meaningful employment and improve India’s skill landscape.

The goal here is to upskill individuals with the zeal and potential to succeed into the independent, self-sustaining citizens they want to be. It goes beyond employability and focuses on sustainable upskilling, where individuals are given the tools to succeed over the long term.

Through various interventions, the foundation and its partners have created an ecosystem that prioritises holistic personal development. This translates to specialised industry-specific training workshops and access to job fairs to set the stage for success.

In a bid to stay in tune with industry needs, interventions at this stage also focus on the other core skills needed to thrive in formal workplaces (for eg – soft skills). Deemed as must-have 21st-century skills, individuals trained are equipped with the tools to navigate the nuanced rapids of a formal workplace.