By striving to empower marginalised sections of society, bolstering communities and equipping them with the tools for holistic growth, the Flipkart Foundation continues to maximise reach and impact.

Our interventions boost opportunities for micro and nano enterprises, impart 21st century employability skills to underserved youth of urban slums, empower rural women artisans by creating better employment opportunities, educate young girls about menstruation hygiene knowledge and bring about sustainable, lasting socio-economic development at the grassroots level.

Our Approach

Bolstering and enabling self-reliance in beneficiary communities, we seek to put dignity and inclusion front and centre, whether our efforts empower women and children, people with disabilities, the transgender community or underserved youth.

Our interventions focus on capacity-building and behavioural change that facilitates improvements across socio-economic indicators. We work to create replicable models that promote scalability and sustainability and aim to contribute towards addressing the biggest challenges that India is grappling with.

These 4 pillars support each of our interventions:


Our focus is on solutions that can be scaled and replicated across India. No matter what the challenge, our aim is to put the individual first and widen our impact to reach as many direct and indirect beneficiaries as possible.


By partnering with social institutions and government organisations, each intervention we participate in strives towards building a larger ecosystem to make communities self-reliant. We empower beneficiaries to implement the knowledge gained across their lifetime, benefitting them not just now but also in creating a brighter future for themselves and their families.


We believe inclusion celebrates every individual’s strength, and getting equitable access to opportunities forms the crux of community development and growth. Our efforts focus on improving inclusion so everyone has the tools to contribute meaningfully, with dignity and pride.

Technology Driven:

Technology has the power to change lives for the better, and innovations that leverage it for social good drive our interventions, playing a critical role in our journey towards sustainable development.