We believe that the Flipkart Foundation is the most effective way of driving our objectives around social agenda and long-term community commitment.
We aim to uplift underserved and underprivileged sections of society and businesses by leveraging the power of technology, being inclusive with our project outreach, and establishing a marketplace platform to provide them with growth opportunities that help ensure sustained livelihoods.


Flipkart Foundation aims to facilitate change by enabling and supporting communities across India. Aligning with the overall vision of the foundation, our focus is to widen our outreach by inculcating a diverse and wider reach of direct and indirect beneficiaries through our interventions.


The Foundation intends to work towards empowering and enabling the marginalised sections of society with skillsets that would make them self-reliant in the long run. Our intent is to ensure that community ownership for its interventions is achieved so that beneficiaries are empowered to implement the knowledge gained.


The Flipkart Foundation intends to empower women and children from the marginalized communities, people with disabilities, and the transgender community. Our interventions are inclusive of diverse beneficiaries as we believe in providing opportunities equitably. Our gendered lens ensures that women are included and supported through our interventions.

Leveraging Technology:

Flipkart Foundation strives to address the digital divide by partnering with organizations that work towards spreading awareness and imparting technical knowledge and skills. The intent is to leverage digital avenues to enable the community to have access to livelihood opportunities and enhanced digital skills.