Menstruation is natural, and proper menstrual hygiene practices are essential to ensure well-being. However, many young girls in rural areas remain uneducated about the significance of maintaining good hygiene during their menstrual cycles, leading to numerous health challenges.

In these remote regions, girls often endure embarrassment due to this natural process, with families restricting their daughters from attending school or leaving their homes. The scarcity of suitable menstrual products and a lack of preparedness for puberty further erode the confidence and self-esteem of these adolescents. To address these critical issues, the Flipkart Foundation and Pinkishe Foundation joined forces to raise awareness and support these young girls and women.

The Pinkishe Foundation has a long-standing commitment to improving the lives of young girls and women from marginalized communities. As such, they were a natural ally and our collaborative initiative, ‘Project Udaan’, focuses on spreading period positivity. The project's reach extends to cities like Bengaluru, Gandhinagar, Mehsana, Gurugram, and Varanasi.

This intervention seeks to inspire and empower young girls and break down the taboos surrounding menstruation. Girls aged 10 to 18 are provided with eco-friendly period kits, alongside comprehensive education on menstrual health and hygiene. By reducing the risk of infections and diminishing school absenteeism, this program works to solve larger issues. This includes bridging the gender gap and ensuring that girls have equal opportunities as their male counterparts.

We’re also working to empower these young girls to take charge of their health and well-being, enabling them to navigate the challenges of menstruation with confidence and comfort. This holistic approach helps break down barriers and builds resilience, guiding these young women toward a brighter, more promising future.

Recognising the impact we’ve made together, Arun Gupta, the President of the Pinkishe Foundation, expressed his gratitude, saying, “With heartfelt appreciation, we thank the visionary and bold leadership of the Flipkart Foundation for supporting our mission to provide menstrual education and eco-friendly reusable cloth pads to rural girls.”

Through ‘Project Udaan’ these young girls receive vital education, fostering a sense of self-worth and enabling them to dream big for their future. Above all, we hope to set them on a path to better health, equality, and a future full of opportunities.