In every part of the nation, it is our responsibility to care for, nurture, and sustain the environment we live in. The environment impacts our livelihoods and well-being, and everyone can make a difference. It all starts with being educated on environmental responsibility, and the Flipkart Foundation is committed to making a difference on this front.

Through targeted interventions, we, along with our NGO partners, work to inculcate sustainability as a core part of everyday life. The goal is to raise awareness of regenerative practices that benefit the environment while also lending themselves to development. For many parts of India, such interventions can lead to healthier living standards and even put a stop to harmful actions that go unchecked.

Without proper education, training, and execution, it is easy to neglect the vital responsibility of caring for our immediate environment. Leading the charge, expert educators go to areas that need attention and impart vital knowledge on sustainable, eco-friendly practices.

Soil and water conservation are also high on the list, alongside sanitation in the home and general hygiene. Impressionable students are among those who receive education, and their first task is to apply their new knowledge in practical ways. Environmental responsibility, like hygiene, begins at home, and these young students are encouraged to spread the word to their families and within their communities.