Natural disasters often unleash havoc, leaving devastation in their wake. Cyclones, tsunamis, floods, and landslides are recurring nightmares, and it is underserved communities that suffer greatly. This is where the Flipkart Foundation steps in to provide essential support during trying times.

In our mission to create a positive impact, we do what’s needed to support the impacted. We're there, ready to donate essential items that can make a real difference. From ration and shelter kits to essential stationery for children who lost their books and supplies in floods, the Flipkart Foundation leaves no stone unturned. Flipkart Foundation has also conducted health camps and health awareness sessions focusing on the 3Hs of well-being: health, hand hygiene etiquettes, and water hygiene for various communities.

Most recently, the Flipkart Foundation joined hands with credible NGOs like Goonj Foundation, Give Foundation, and Doctors For You to extend reach and support to the farthest corners, ensuring that relief materials and critical medical supplies find their way to those who need it most.

Prompt and efficient delivery is crucial in disaster relief efforts, and to ensure this, the Flipkart Foundation also rallied the support of Flipkart employees and customers, who contributed their bit. With these resources, we procured vital medical supplies and essential relief materials to help flood-stricken regions.

Flipkart Foundation will continue to stand by the side of those in need, holding their hand through disasters that life throws their way.