In the intricate fibers of any nation's economy, women’s empowerment is a critical thread. To ensure equitable and sustainable growth, it is imperative to provide women with equal access to financial and economic resources while actively diminishing gender disparities. In India, which is home to approximately 8 million women entrepreneurs, the role of women in the economy is undeniable.

Be it accelerating development, generating employment, or fostering prosperity, there are only upsides. Yet, the reality is that many women from rural areas often find themselves without the essential vocational skills necessary to attain financial stability. From comprehending the intricacies of technology to launching their own startups, they require guidance and support to unleash their potential.

This is where the Flipkart Foundation and Deepalaya step in. We intervene to catalyse change in the lives of women across selected pockets of Uttar Pradesh and Haryana. This collaboration recognises that providing vocational skills is the key to unlocking latent talents, which will inspire women to venture into the world of employment and entrepreneurship with confidence.

The Nari Shakti Initiative, as it is aptly named, embarks on a transformative journey for 600 women through a comprehensive 6-month program, focusing on Fashion Designing, Beauty & Wellness, Nutrition and Entrepreneurship. The training offers a platform to unveil opportunity towards enabling self-reliance through empowerment. In the hands of women working hard to realise their dreams and aspirations, the opportunity is nothing less than a passport to a brighter future.