In India, a remarkable celebration of generosity takes place each year – Daan Utsav. This festival is a testament to the power of compassion, where individuals from diverse backgrounds unite to make a difference in the lives of the underserved.

Daan Utsav has found a dedicated ally in the Flipkart Foundation, and together, our efforts are helping better the lives of countless individuals in need. Partnering with remarkable NGOs, such as the Give Foundation, Akshadhaa Foundation, Parikrma Humanity Foundation, Aravani Art Society, and many more, we have boosted our efforts during each annual Daan Utsav.

Taking a creative approach, we provide a platform for partner NGOs/underprivileged communities to showcase their talents and products to a wider audience to raise funds for various causes.

A core element in the celebration of Daan Utsav is the dedication of Flipkart employees, who volunteer to participate in this meaningful intervention year after year and donate funds. Our mission isn’t just to give back but also to create a brighter future for all – one where no one is left behind on the journey towards a more equitable society.