With the overarching objective of enabling communal growth and prosperity, we work with our NGO partners to support impactful interventions. We believe that all development, especially personal, is something that benefits the community as a whole. As a young foundation, we’re uniquely positioned to support visions that are truly brimming with potential and capable of change.

With our NGO partners, interventions have taken shape in the form of aid to those facing and dealing with natural calamities such as the floods in India. Our partners were also instrumental in responding to other crises, such as the Odisha train tragedy or even the recent floods.

In such dire situations, help comes in the form of ration kits, medical equipment, fundraising, and the mobilisation of employee and customer contributions.

Through a multi-faceted approach, the goal is to enable communities to overcome, develop and succeed in order to thrive. Outside of disaster response, other interventions focused on communal growth are linked to research and innovation with a focus on finding solutions to the problems that the nation is grappling with. The objective is to support unique initiatives that bring lasting growth with lasting impact.